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The first advanced dental center of Puerto Banus

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Since 2008, creating smiles for patients from all over the World

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Full warranty

Offering maximum certified by leading international brands in quality and aesthetic dental materials

Our commitment is to ensure dental health above all

"We listen to the patient, analyze the problem and apply the most appropriate methodology for their case. Satisfaction after a job well done is the best reward"

- Samuel Sanz, Manager Dental Banús

Our facilities

We have more than 170 square meters, where we have 2 dental surgeries, relaxation therapy room, cabinet digital radiology, sterilization and disinfection room and spacious waiting room to make your experience unique in our clinic.

Materials & products

Scientifically proven effectiveness.

Modern techniques

We continually upgrade our knowledge and work with the latest developments in dentistry internationally recognized and applied techniques


It is essential for a proper understanding between dentist and patient. Explanations pain before help solve the problem.

Complete fidelity

We perform tracking the evolution of our patients, being interested in their status during the recovery process.

Reasonable budget

We know that times are not easy, but we want to improve their health and therefore treat each case individually and affection.

Obvious results

We have over 2000 patients.

Our team

Our strength lies in our staff.
Discover who we are and what we do.

Exclusive services

All you will find in Dentalbanus, available with maximum efficiency and quality assurance









For the more demanding cases. Our technique is duly notarized, where first photographic studio and perform with our SMILE DENTAL SYSTEM software, we create the smile of the patient adapted to their conditions.   Unique technique of cosmetic dentistry, certified by DenMat (American company) since 1974, which requires no preparation of the tooth without anesthesia and in only two visits.   An excellent result of dental remodeled by placing layers of different high end composites, performed on the patient within 24 hours.   We use titanium implants with a high quality STRAUMANN brand, globally recognized company with over 60 years of scientific research to support this.
The diode laser is the only technique that allows for minimally invasive surgeries, little traumatic, completely hygienic and no bleeding or pain. With this treatment we can do makeup and lightening the tone of your gums.   We have several techniques invisible braces, either with lingual braces or transparent for the correct positioning of teeth braces.   Under current legislation, which requires modification of the concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, we have acquired a gel with which we have better results without damaging the tooth or cause the slightest sensitivity.   We specialize in early diagnosis of children with a very pleasant treatment and fun experiences for the children of the house.

We perform surgery wisdom teeth extractions, impacted teeth and maxillary and mandibular cysts.


With our new technique laser diode, we can treat gum problems in a simple, easily and quickly. We also gum grafts for cases that require it.

  Our center has approval to use the gas nitrous oxide (laughing gas), mild sedation with an anesthesiologist and pain management with acupuncture techniques.    


A look at our facilities and services

In forefront

Instrumental, accessories and the latest materials.


All the experience and professionalism of our team, at your fingertips.


Wide variety of techniques for health and wellness.


Plates and dental radiographs taken instantly and accurately.


Aseptic, hygienic and fully operational surgical environment.

Human quality

Professional excited about their work and committed to their dental health.


You will have to wait a little, but he will quietly and in a friendly atmosphere.


We welcome you wanting to hear their needs and contribute to their welfare.

Our patients say

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Our facilities

Contact and email:


Francisco Villalón Street, Marina Banús IV Building, locals 11 & 12
Puerto Banús / Marbella, Málaga · 29660

Tel.: +34 952819080
Monday to Friday: From 10 to 14 and 16 to 20:00
Saturdays and Sundays: Closed

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